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Radiant Energy Gemstone Necklace

Radiant Energy Gemstone Necklace

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Meticulously cut into elegant oval shapes, our Radiant Energy Gemstone Pendant Necklace embodies spiritual energy for the mind, body, and soul. Choose between different crystals for to attract positive energies into your life.

Rose Quartz Benefits:

Boosts Your Confidence, Attracts Love into your life, Heals Broken Heart

Amethyst Benefits:

Anxiety & Stress Relief, Heals Physical & Emotional Pains

Honey Tiger Eye Benefits:

Mental Boost that releases fear, Boosts Optimism & Intuition, Aids in Manifesting your Dreams into reality

Strawberry Quartz Benefits:

Easily attract others by amplifying your sexual energy/appeal, brings you fame & self confidence

Jade Benefits:

Attracts Success, Good Luck, and Prosperity in all aspects of your life

Lapis Lazuli Benefits:

Protection from anyone wishing you harm, enhances your life's tranquility and inner peace.

     Gemstone Pendant Necklace Features:

    • Material: 18K Gold Filled

    • Length: 16-18"

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