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Sapphire Sun Coin Necklace

Sapphire Sun Coin Necklace

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Our Sapphire Sun Coin Necklace features a radiant sun charm crafted from tiger eye gemstone, pearls, and abalone shells. Embrace the harmonizing energy of the sun, earth, and the ocean with this mesmerizing necklace and choose the energy that matches your aura. This Golden Sun Pendant Necklace will bring you healing, good energy, power, and light during your darkest days.

Sapphire Sun Coin Necklace Features: 

• Boosts your Happiness

• Heals your mind, body, and soul

• Feel energized and empowered as you wear this symbol of life and vitality

• Decreases feelings of sadness & stress

•  Calms Energy & surrounds you with love & light

• 18K Gold Filled

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